Words on the Wall

Slowing down to Discover the Heart of a Child

Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Albus Dumbledore, Bruce Wayne, the Dalai Lama, Waddles the Pig, Jesus, and Dilgo Khyentse, a Buddhist poet.  Words of all these men (or animals) are on the bedroom wall of my 11 year old son.  I honestly didn’t realize he had quotes of these wise ones penciled on post-it notes until I checked his room this morning to confirm he had finished yesterday’s chores.  On this occasion, by God’s grace, my heart was proportionately balanced to see past the overflowing drawers, overlook the half eaten chocolate bunny, and (again by God’s grace) to not mind having to brush crumbs off the bottom of my bare feet - thank goodness I didn’t step on a lego!  Credit to Christ, instead of scoffing I actually smiled looking around at all the relics he values and knelt down to pick up my heart that had melted to the floor.  I absolutely adore this boy.  He is hands down the most kind person I have ever known.  And yes, he did somewhat clean his room… it’s a bit better than it was!

Sometimes we need to lower our standards and enjoy the grubbiness and grit of life.

Sometimes we need to raise our standards and believe deeply our kids can succeed.

Sometimes we need to throw everything out the window and just love them.

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What is most important?


I am who I am.  - God

I am who I am.  - Jesus

I am what I am.  - Paul

I am what I am.  - me

“I want to clarify for you, fellow believers, the gospel I proclaimed.  You received it and have taken your stand on it.  I passed on what is most important, and have also received it:

that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day...

How have I taken my stand on it?

With repetitious prayers, shared likes for verse images, sporadic worship, rhetorical answers to life questions, petty requests for more, opening one eye to social injustice?  




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Blessed are the grays

Can we disagree and still be friends?

Mama, can we disagree and still be friends?: lesson #35 that I hope to teach my kids, especially my daughter.  (Maybe I’ll list them all one day… if I actually write them down.)

It’s not a myth, or an unattainable attribute that we idealize yet so often flip when we find ourselves in its grasp.  It’s easier to drop.  walk away.  push back.  defend.   conform and agree.  Anything is easier but to listen, stay, and love.

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Watch and Wait

experience HOLY WEEK with Mary Magdalene

My heart is breathing Jesus of Nazareth.  In the rhythmic way of a pulse at rest - waiting.

Waiting on edge for Friday, waiting more expectantly for Sunday.  This week is Holy Week and I find my heart just breathing in Jesus steady and deep.  I thought I would join in the celebration of Palm Sunday and praise our King in exaltation, but honestly I didn't.  I thought perhaps I would sink somberly into the days leading toward his death, but I haven't.  Not yet.

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40 Verses Every Family Should Read Together

- Our family journey through Lent 2016 -

I love communion.  I know some places and people feel they should only take communion from ordained ministers, or only on special occasions, or perhaps weekly on the Sabbath, but I like to take it myself at any time, any place, any day.  It started years ago after reading With Burning Hearts: a meditation on the Eucharistic Life by Henri Nouwen.  I honestly don't remember a word in it, but I do recall it dawning on me that I can break bread with Jesus all by myself any day.

My kids have grown up giving themselves communion sporadically whenever their mama decides to spark interest.  But typically the matzah goes stale and the grape juice is slurped down with after school snacks without being replenished.

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Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection

- and how dads can help -

I am 37 years old, consider myself to be brave, a risk-taker, adventurous.  I try to teach my only daughter to be brave, to disregard what other people think, please stay true to your inner heart where God dwells.

But still I struggle daily with feelings of inferiority that culture settles on my shoulders, subtly pressing down secretly growing heavier.  Some days I realize that my dreams are hiding in the junk drawer with courage as their companion.  Some days I happen upon them, fiddle with them a bit, write a bit, open up a bit, speak truth a bit.  Then get distracted when daily tasks demand attention, and out into the world I go, passively accepting the feminine place without even knowing it.

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Unscripted highlights of the #BestWayToLead Conference

Three of us showed up at NewSpring Church for Perry’s 2016 Leadership Conference last week.  Drove through the night.  Slept in a cheap hotel.  Rushed in a bit late to a distant row in the balcony.  Squeezed past three conservative observers who didn’t seem delighted to have us climbing over them at each break.  They peered over the rims of their glasses; I hoped i didn’t slosh my coffee onto their leather bibles.  

We settled in.  I reviewed the schedule for the day observing the precise details the marketing crew far from overlooked.  I love paper and pencils, print and fonts.  

Perry Noble spoke.  Lisa Terkeurst.  Mark Driscoll.  Brad Cooper.  Steven Furtick.  Dave Ramsey.  Music dispersed throughout.

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How can i be perfect?

-finding freedom in Perfection, Pride and Prejudice-

be perfect.  be.  perfect.  be.  just be. 

I am perfect.  I am.  

You are nothing.  Without Me.  

says He.

i am perfect.  i say.


Bits and pieces of Jesus’ words in Matthew 5 saunter through my mind pacing leisurely around the room while I sit in the center, minding my own business, much like Mr. Darcy writing his letters, yet aware of the graceful stroll.

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