Words on the Wall

Slowing down to Discover the Heart of a Child

Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Albus Dumbledore, Bruce Wayne, the Dalai Lama, Waddles the Pig, Jesus, and Dilgo Khyentse, a Buddhist poet.  Words of all these men (or animals) are on the bedroom wall of my 11 year old son.  I honestly didn’t realize he had quotes of these wise ones penciled on post-it notes until I checked his room this morning to confirm he had finished yesterday’s chores.  On this occasion, by God’s grace, my heart was proportionately balanced to see past the overflowing drawers, overlook the half eaten chocolate bunny, and (again by God’s grace) to not mind having to brush crumbs off the bottom of my bare feet - thank goodness I didn’t step on a lego!  Credit to Christ, instead of scoffing I actually smiled looking around at all the relics he values and knelt down to pick up my heart that had melted to the floor.  I absolutely adore this boy.  He is hands down the most kind person I have ever known.  And yes, he did somewhat clean his room… it’s a bit better than it was!

Sometimes we need to lower our standards and enjoy the grubbiness and grit of life.

Sometimes we need to raise our standards and believe deeply our kids can succeed.

Sometimes we need to throw everything out the window and just love them.

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